Vox Maris - GMDSS Simulator

What is Vox Maris?

It is the most modern Simulator for GMDSS training covering the standards and recommendations of the IMO, STCW '95, ITU and SOLAS and certified by the world's leading classification society Det Norske Veritas (GMDSS Simulator Class A), AMERC (UK) and maritime authorities around the world.

Download Brochure

For more detailed information about features and system requeriments of Vox Maris, download the following document: Vox Maris Brochure.pdf

Why select Vox Maris?

Highly realistic

By simulating more than 25 communication and navigation devices commonly used onboard and having a very intuitive Scenario Editor, Vox Maris maximize the learning experience by facing the students to conditions that may occur in real life ( emergencies, device failures, etc.) and covering all aspects of advanced SAR / GMDSS training.
It meets the GMDSS training needs by providing a fully realistic operating environment where all the conditions affecting the maritime communications (noises, pass band filters, sight view / terrestrial / ionospheric propagation conditions, delays, distances, etc.) are faithfully reproduced, in a safe and economic way without risking lives, vessels and equipment.

Lowest investment + Highest profits

Very competitive prices and innovative licensing schemes as Pay per Use and Annual Subscriptions allow to have this modern simulator with investments that are suitable to different budgetary conditions.

Savings in equipment and maintenance

Vox Maris uses standard hardware and software and not require special equipment for audio simulation as other simulators do have.

Always up-to-date

Vox Maris is a constantly up-to-date tool in accordance with technological and normative evolution of GMDSS. The simulator's updates are included in the low-cost Support and Maintenance service and customers don't need re-purchasing new versions of the simulator.

International presence

Over 150 universities, schools and maritime training centers around the world are using Vox Maris to train thousands of sailors in the communication courses "IMO 1.25 - GOC", "IMO 1.26 - ROC", "SRC - Short Range Certificate", "LRC - Long Range Certificate", "SRC VHF - VHF restricted Radiotelephone Operator" and "Maritime Safety Courses for sport sailors".

By not using specific hardware, it is easy to install and configure and has minimal maintenance. In addition, any repair does not require specialized technical expertise: It reduces costs and downtimes of any operating system/hardware failure.

International approvals

Vox Maris meets the standards and recommendations of the IMO, STCW '95, ITU and SOLAS and is certified by the world's leading classification society Det Norske Veritas  as GMDSS Simulator Class A and the Association of Marine Electronic and Radio Colleges (AMERC, UK). In addition, it is approved by prestigious maritime authorities: General Directorate of Merchant Marine of Spain, Argentinean Navy, DIRECTEMAR of Chile, Polish Navy and Maritime Authority of Indonesia, Panama, among others.

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